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WeEra Productize Consulting Services


A productized consulting services is a pre-packaged consulting solution solving for one/specific problem.

The Idea came because consulting services are not affordable for MSME and SME. Most of the SMEs avoiding to take enterprise consulting due to the cost factor.

So we are bringing productize consulting at a very affordable price starting from 100 USD. We are keeping fixed scope and flat rate for the recurring consulting services.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • IT Infra Dimensioning
  • Open Source Assessment
  • Application Deployment Best Practices
  • Drunk User Test of your website, apps
  • Post Polishing – content editing
  • Nonfunctional requirement (NFR) consulting
  • Analytics and reporting
  • 100+ consulting services

Business Case:

  • Fixed-Scope & Flat-Rate – Now worry for higher cost
  • Up-to 80% cost reduction with our most common and recurring consulting services
  • Prompt Delivery – within 1-2 business days
  • HR Consultancy (recruitment) – “Get 100 shortlisted and verified resume in 100$”
  • Process Consultancy (Agile Assessment) – “Get 100 shortlisted and verified resume in 100$”

Category: Consulting

Usability/Best fit segments: MSME and SME

Delivery Time: Express delivery with 2 working days

Implementation Cost/Pricing:Start from 100 USD

User Acceptance Criteria: Defined in advance

Customization & Rework: Free of cost until scope is not changed

Performance & Result Orientation :100% output driven consulting

Scalability:We have 10+ dedicated consultant + 25 consultant on-panel (Part time)

Security: Highly Secure

Support: Standards, Silver, and Gold, 24x7 Support with SLAs, KPIs, monitored & measured customer satisfaction index (CSI)

Promotional Offers:Strategic Consulting and Solution Designing Free of cost


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